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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tempted: A House Of Night Novel by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.

Okay so I know this is the sixth book but I just read it and I'll post the others later.
Now if you haven't read the others this will have spoilers so if you haven't read any yet then wate till I review Marked.
Well I don't know if this was necessarily the most exiting one--though it was vary exiting--but I can tell you it was the most reveling. Partly because along with being told from Zoey's POV this one also had parts told from the POV of many other characters too.
I can also say that this book was one big plot twist in of it's self along with having many plot twists in it!
The only annoying thing is that it has the biggest possible cliff hanger at the end! Basically it cuts off in the middle of a out of body experience when she's still out of body!
But luckily the next one (Burned) comes out soon.
Admittedly some of my favorite parts involved Kalona--I think I often over love villains.

Okay so I guess that wasn't to much of a spoiler but I don't know, it might be.
Anyway, I'll see ya when the next one comes out! (okay before that but defiantly then.)

Well as I say: "Good night, and say 'hi' to the vamps for me!"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bloody Kiss

Bloody Kiss by Kazuko Furumiya is a awesome manga!
I will be talking about volume 1 but keep in mind that it is a series.
I have of yet to read Chibby Vampire so I can not compare it to that but I can say that if you like the vampire-manga thing you'll like this.
This is definitely one of thous love-hate relationship things, so again if you're into that read this.
One unique thing about this story is rather then the normal girl/guy moves to a new town and then meats the other girl/guy at school or something this one they actuly live in her house! Can't exactly avoided them there now can you?
Any way, if you like vampires, manga, and shirtless hot dudes then read this!

Well as I say: "Good night, and say 'hi' to the vamps for me!"

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well I just went and saw Daybrakers and I can say it is vary good. However if you are only into vampire romance and stuff (nothing against you if you are.) then this is not the movie for you. It is more a vampire apocalypse then a love story though there is a little underlying romance there's nothing profound. To tell you the truth it's really the way vampires where originally made to be. Creepy!
It is more a story of humanly and how even in the worst of times you can still find it. It's also a story of belonging and finding a home in this crazy world.
I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a story of hope with a genuinely creepy twist.

Well as I say: "Good night, and say 'hi' to the vamps for me!"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

In the Forests of the Night and it's sequels and most defiantly some of my new favorite books!
One thing I always look at in a book is the villein and I especially liked this one. Mostly because though he was clearly at least mostly evil and you as a reader seriously wanted something really bad to happen to him you at no point ever really wanted him to die. And considering that is--at least for me--what I normally feel toward a lot of villeins it was very nice change of pace to have a lot of hatred for a character but not want them dead.
Any way as for the rest of the story I really loved how the relationship was with Risika(the mane character) and her tiger. I also loved how about half of the story was told in the present time and half was flash-backs. But they both balanced each-other out perfectly. How Risika's past and present just sort of mingled together.
I can't really think of much bad to say about this other then it ended!

Well as I say: "Good night, and say 'hi' to the vamps for me!"


Hello and welcome to the Critics of the Night blog! A blog specially detached to giving you reviews on vampire books and movies!
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I will also--though not as often--be writing some reviews on small on-line stories from free on-line writing sites so if you have one send the link here!
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